“ However, if a particular candidate happened to have the broadest and most diverse coalition of supporters of any candidate in an electoral race,”

Based on Super Tuesday and what’s expected in most of the next primaries, the candidate that fits your description is- Biden. What a surprise- a left-leaning centrist with progressive plans that can be paid for is more popular, with voters, than a far-left candidate with unrealistic promises that the costs of aren’t discussed by said candidate. other than to say they can be afforded despite what actual numbers say. But hey, why bother with facts? Trump doesn’t.

A great many of those who attend Bernie’s rallies are the for the party atmosphere; it doesn’t mean they’ll actually show up and vote in November. Sorry if that bursts your bubble…

Rel. Studies, Creative Writing, VCU. Social liberal/fiscal conservative, occasional writer, politics, civics, fiction & poetry, student of life…

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